Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tonight's Th3 Info

Up to date info for tonight March 15th:

The Urban Video Project will be at Spark Contemporary Art Space.

ThINC's Company Gallery will be open with the following exhibition:
MUTE is an exhibition of silent videos from a selection of international artists that will run 24/7 March 14 through April 15th 2007. see for more info

Special Collections Research center will close at 6 PM. Bird Library itself is closing at 6 PM due to SU's Sprink Break.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Th3 at Spark

Thursday March 15th, 5-8pm
Spark Contemporary Art Space
1005 E. Fayette Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

John Hill: New Works on Paper
+ Urban Video Project
Free Reception


John Hill: Hill's works on paper reveal a highly subjective fusion of hybrid characters, spaces, and styles. The figures that occupy his works are often caricatures of an infinite variety of possible selves. Much of his work deals with the creation of a meaningful reflection of the emotional states inherent in everyday experience. Often employing the comic or the grotesque, these drawings are multiple and fractured personalities looking for a cobbled identity. John Hill received his BFA in Painting from Winthrop University in 2003. He is currently pursuing his Masters.



Urban Video Project : Using multiple video projections, 6-channel sound, and performance, UVP explores new forms of cartography that challenge traditional functions and perceptions of urban space and identity. In addition, documentation of other public actions The Avalanche Collective has recently completed will be shown.

The Urban Video Project is an extension of the newly formed Avalanche Collective based out of Syracuse, New York. Choosing to work outside the confines of a traditional gallery structure, the focus of the Urban Video Project is to produce events that explore notions of spatial practice, authorship, hybrid cartography, performance and alternative cinema experiences.


Friday, March 9, 2007