Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hugh Tifft: 100 Years of Color Photography

Light Work/Community Darkrooms will host a lecture this Thursday by photographer and collector Hugh Tifft as part of November's TH3. Tifft will explore the 100th anniversary of color photography spanning the early years of 1907 through the mid 1930s.The presentation will include actual examples of the first commercially viable color process, the Autochrome process. The historical context, as well as viewing devices, period and contemporary written materials, and examples of other early color processes will be explored. The discussion will conclude with an informal talk about the do's and don'ts of starting a photography collection.

Date: Thursday, November 15
Time: 6pm (Light Work/Community Darkrooms will be open 5-8)
Location: Light Work/Community Darkrooms, 316 Waverly Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13244
For more information: Call Jessica Heckman at 443-1300 or email info@lightwork.org.