Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new season of Th3!

Hooray for a new season of Th3!

I’ll take a moment and introduce my self. My name is Mary Welch and I’m a senior at Oswego State. I’m studying art…. Graphic design to be exact. During my time here with Th3, I will be giving up dates, reviews, and just general Th3 information.

Th3 started off with a bang in September. The Delvan Art Gallery and Red House Arts Center is where I started my Th3 adventure. Both venues had some very interesting things. The Delavan featured work from Bill Storm and Beverly Stout, both artists where in attendance. I met both, Bill and Beverly. Bill had some fabulous photography and Beverly had amazing ink drawings. They are both fairly local artists, Bill from Liverpool and Beverly from Minetto.

A two second walk down to Red House Arts Center was the next stop, where they were showing a video by Barry Anderson’s that have been playing all over Syracuse. The one that was on view was fantastic! It was like slowly falling down the rabbit hole of bubbles and leaves. If you get a chance go check it out, highly recommend. Then they had this light work show by artist mudboy. Spectacular! The mix of lights, glass, and movement brings the piece together. The piece consisted of LED lights that changed shapes on the wall through glass. I’m by no means giving these pieces any justice but they are amazing and it’s a must see.

Octobers Th3 like Septembers did not disappoint. This Th3 took me to Genesee St. I worked my way from the Point of Contact Gallery to Syracuse stage. The Point of Contact Gallery had Slow Scandal a show by artist Marco Maggi. His drawing on mixed media is something to look at. He uses glass, paper, graphite, and even aluminum foil. His abstract works makes you feel like you’re in a different time and space. Syracuse stage, a new comer to the Th3 family had a great showing of the AIDS quilts. Also in attendance where people from the Syracuse gay and lesbian chorus. They had some of their music/ live concerts playing it was great. The quilts alone are something to see, they move you.